Skylotec Sirius Descender


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With the Skylotec Sirius you have collected all the benefits of the world's best descenders in 1 device.
This descender fits perfectly in your hand. The auto-return control lever has a very small radius of movement so you can work faster, more precisely, more comfortably and safely.
Line insertion is simple and intuitive. In addition, the carabiner, which connects the device to the harness, can remain attached.
The rope is inserted in such a way that it is protected from twisting and kinking or excessive wear.
The descender has been developed for long-term use under harsh working conditions. The Skylotex Sirius consists of 100% metal, so there are no vulnerable synthetic parts.
The result is a compact and ergonomic descender with a long service life.
Max. descent speed: 2 m / s
Max. number of users: 250 kg