Following the great success of the Rescue 3 Europe - Technical Rescue Conference in early 2017, where WRS received great praise and feedback on our Rescue Sled.  We are glad to announce the release of the NEW Rescue Sled HV.  With increased drop stitch floor depth to gain a few more litres of buoyancy the sled now offers an even more solid platform for performing rescues.  The added 25mm of depth opens up a dryer area for causality management with technicians in place also, elevating the causality free of the water line once on board.


Water Rescue Systems Sled-HV Model from Water Rescue Systems on Vimeo.

It is a delicate balance with floor volume and the New WRS HV model has mastered the need for control and stability with deck height.  When a Rescue Sled is blessed with too much Floor Volume it will result little to no secondary stability, as once the occupants loose balance the Sled will keel over and not gain additional stability form the side tubes until the contact the water.  With 100mm of drop stitch fabric and ideal side tube (sponson) placement we gain the secondary stability quickly.  The importance of having a stable and manoeuvrable craft was one of the learning outcomes of the Rescue 3 conference, they spoke we responded.




August 21, 2017 — Lawrence Harris