Verkäufer WRS International


The Fenix ALG-03 V2.0 headlamp attachment has been updated to accept the new Fenix HM70R, HM65R and HM61R as well as the original Fenix HL55 or HL60R headlamps.

The mount attaches permanently to the helmet by use of adhesive tape (supplied), but allows the light itself to be clipped in or out as required.

The design of the mount allows normal vertical adjustment of the headlamp beam and incorporates the use of a thickened blown sponge between the mount and the helmet, this allows the mount to conform to the shape of individual helmets.

Simply select the correct side of the adhesive pad and attach to the helmet, making sure that the area has been cleaned and dried where the mount is to be attached, push the mount onto the helmet firmly and allow 72 hrs to ensure maximum adhesion.

Please note that the blue TESA adhesive side is water based and safe for use on ABS, PS, HiPS and GPPS plastic model helmets. and the other side should be used for other materials