WRS Boa WaterRescue and Safety Boot

The much awaited WRS Boa Safety boot is launched on Pre Order, with stock due to arrive at the end of July 2022.  

The boot was designed for the specific needs of water users who are wearing dry suit or wet suit socks, offering additional room for these added layers. A Neoprene upper clamping securely around the ankle with the world leading-lace system of BOA® Fit System.  

A Fibreglass safety toe offers rescuers protection from moving boulders in natural environments and protection from rolling vehicles in urban flood rescues. 

Water Rescue boot safety sole

The safety insole also provides protection against sharp objects penetrating the sole and injuring the rescue worker.  Offering protection against flood debris such as glass, metal rebar, household waste and nails

See more more on the specifications of this boot here -    

Mai 11, 2022 — Lawrence Harris