In May 2018 WRS travelled to the Homeland Security Facility in Oriskany, New York State to work with EPD on their Rapid Water Course project.  The $9m flood and swift water rescue training facility is the first of its kind in the world and WRS are proud to be part of the development of this ground breaking training venue. 

The facility features a swift water course running up-to grade 3 white water, offering the ideal training ground for swift water rescue technicians, the site uses the patented Rapid Bloc construction giving huge flexibility on configuration to create the features needed.  This section also is built with a bolder section to create an area with difficult bank access.  Our 100% American Made  Swift Water Rescue Sled built by CPI Marine in Texas is the standard rescue sled used by NY state Fire and features in their training programme.

Swift Water Rescue

The site also features a flooded street scene, offering the perfect training venue for flood rescue and safety training.  The street can be used in still and moving water setting, giving rescue teams exposure to the challenges found in urban floods. The WRS Evacuation Sled has been adopted as the standard rescue craft for rescue from homes and vehicles due to its ability to fit in through doorways and evacuate the occupants without endangering them or the rescue teams.  

The site opened it doors in June 2018 and has captured the interest of rescue teams around the world. WRS are proud to have our products in use at this world class facility and would like to thank the teams at the SWFT Homeland Security training facility and our American Manufacturing and Sales Partners CPI Marine. 


24 juillet, 2018 — Lawrence Harris