Connector Paddle SPLIT

Connector Paddle SPLIT

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The only paddle designed to for rescue use with Sleds and Rafts, this innovative product offers user flexibility. 

Easy Use Kayak Paddle - The paddle feature zero feather, so no need to learn how to use a standard kayak paddle with wrist rotation. Both High Density Blades are flat so the paddle can be used any which way "Easyuse"

Split down into 2 Canoe Style Paddles - The set makes 2 Canoe style , single bladed paddles with T-Grips for use on Sleds, Mega Sled and Rafts

Wade and Short Reach - Clip of the Blades and connect the T -Grip and Wading Foot attachment.  The Aluminium with plastic sheath gives the shaft grip and protection in cold conditions. 

Extended Reach - With the use of the Extension Spigot, it is possible to join other shafts to each other. with a recommended maximum extension of 3 shaft to achieve 16ft (5m) reach. 


Key Features
• Robust Kayak Paddle
• Wading Pole conversion kit
• Extended Reach conversion kit
• 16ft Reach when used with multiple shafts
• Split down into 2 single bladed paddles