Vehicles in Water Training


The Rescue from Vehicles in Water (RVW) is a specialist course for Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technicians that explores the skills required to deal with rescues from vehicles in water. The course looks at vehicle behaviour and stabilisation in water as well as access techniques and casualty extrication. 


Theoretical part

  • Rescue 3 philosophy
  • Standards that the training meets
  • Vehicle behaviour in water
  • Pre-Planning
  • Incident size-up
  • Glass Management
  • Incident Management
  • Personal Equipment
  • Medical and decontamination considerations
  • Considerations for night/poor light visibility operations 
  • Communication 

Practical part

  • Anchors
  • Vehicle Stabilisation
  • Casualty Extrication
  • Shallow water techniques
  • True rescue - tethered
  • Pendulum extrication
  • Tensioned diagonal
  • Tethered boat techniques
  • Single bank extended platform
  • Swift and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT)
  • Declaration of medical fitness
  • Minimum 18 years
  • Be a trusted swimmer